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How to Decrease Anxiety With Yoga

Anxiety is a physical reaction to an external event that has not happened yet. Anxiety is not the enemy society makes it out to be, it is the way your body is communicating with you and trying to keep you safe. Let us take a deeper look into anxiety. Anxiety presents itself in different ways, […]

Yoga and Sleep

The sleep industry is a multi billion-dollar industry, but we never talk about what things we can do at home with our own bodies to help with sleep. Sleep is an important part of our human experience and much needed for our overall health. There are many things we can do with food and lifestyle, […]

Yoga is More Then Movement

Yoga is so much more then poses, or movements. Yoga is a tool we have to help us with our lives, a way to move stagnation, and a way to help us connect to our unconscious mind.   How can yoga help with trauma? We store emotional trauma in our bodies. Our actual tissues, muscles, […]

Yoga Support &Teen Mental Health

Being a teenager is hard, the physical changes, the mental struggles, and now they are overwhelmed with social media. Teenagers now-a-days have so much on their plates. Yoga is an incredible tool that teaches teens how to slow down, listen to their bodies, and process their feelings. Yoga is guided by your breathe, and in […]

Lemon Balm Tincture

Have you been interested in other ways to help with your health but you don’t know where to start? Well you’re not alone. Most people living in American struggle with some type of health concern. A lot of people turn to tradition Western medicine for answers and most people are not satisfied with the results. […]

Creating a Budget

Now that you have an accounting software to help you track your spending its time to create a budget. To create a budget, you will need to create categories based on your spending habits. Here are the categories that I like to use: Bills: This category includes rent/mortgage, water, electric, internet, insurance, phone and so […]

Yoga to Cool the Body

There are so many areas in life that yoga can help with and right now its beating the heat! Here are 4 poses that I like to do help keep my mind in the right place along with helping my body release heat. Ps: things are always better with a cute puppy too. Half Sun […]

Why is Accounting Important

Accounting is one of those tasks that is time consuming and seems unnecessary but even just doing the basics can save you money and help you learn the spending habits of yourself or your business. With this knowledge you can make changes that will help you, for instance, get out of debt. I, personally, like […]


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