Other SUP Classes in Denver

Here at Honest Haven we believe in supporting others and creating a community where students can find the right classes and teachers for them. Below you will find other certified SUP Yoga teachers that we highly recommend. If you can’t find a class with us checkout these lovely humans classes!


Founder of Better Buzz Yoga

Life has a beautiful, messy and unpredictable cadence and for Jaime, yoga is a daily reminder that no matter what is going on in her world, if she can make it to her mat, she has the opportunity to reconnect, reset and find her center at any time. This practice is about connection and she is thankful for the daily reminder of the journey we are all on. Jaime loves hearing the collective sigh of letting go, creating union with breath and the simple act of being in a space with others, wherever we are on our path. She finds it to be a lovely metaphor for life. As an incredibly imperfect, growing, always learning, human, Jaime is the lucky mama to the most incredible, brave and kind little boy, Colden Briggs, partner to her hubby, Brian and owner of Better Buzz Yoga. She is also an E-RYT200 and RYT500.

SUP Yoga at Stanley Lake Wednesday 6:30am$35



Lucie has been active in the yoga community for years as a student, teacher, and trainer. Her mission is to encourage students to explore their unique spirituality through mindful movement and meditation. With creative, challenging, and custom fit classes, she strives to apply her yoga practice into any flavor of fitness off the mat and into the world. Lucie received her 200-hour certification through Charm City Yoga in 2015 and her 300-hour certification in 2016 through Yogaworks.

SUP Yoga at Stanley Lake Wednesday 6:30am with board rental$55
SUP Yoga at Stanley Lake Wednesday 6:30am$35


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