Kundalini Yoga

Small group class held in a greenhouse.

Kundalini Yoga is yoga is a unique way to connect your energy; Shakti. During this form of yoga, we will be engaging in chanting, singing, breathing exercises, and repetitive poses.

Meet your teacher: Jayleaine: I am passionate about yoga and all the fantastic benefits. My own definition of yoga means to unite with our true self, body, mind, and spirit! I am also passionate about spiritual development. I am currently in an apprenticeship for spiritual training and believe me, it is so much work. But with anything we are passionate about we will put in what is required. The immersion of all this spiritual work has taught me about myself, how to cope with stressors in life, and to embrace my moment-to-moment daily life. This is why I’m so passionate about yoga, meditation, and spiritual work. Now we bring in my passion for Kundalini yoga. I am so excited to share the experience with you! I am twice certified yoga instructor, in 2014 and most recently in 2021. I taught at Denver Parks and Rec for two years. I loved the sense of community coming together to practice, and learn yoga. I love learning about anything and everything, and I consider myself to be incredibly open-minded. I love my family deeply and time with them is cherished. I am looking forward to sharing space with you, learning, and creating new energies together!

These classes are small (5 students max)to allow for deeper connection and individualized attention. All classes require pre-registration. Mats, blankets, straps, and bolster and available for use.