Yoga Teacher Trainings Offered Here at Honest Haven

Restorative YTT

During a time when the world is experiencing unprecedented overwhelm, this training is the antidote. It provides students with tools to create a relaxation response that help support them in metabolizing trauma, returning to self-regulation, and having access to critical thinking.


The true art of surrender. Leaning yoga in a whole new light, in nature. Truly learning to go with the flow. This training is in depth on safety, environmental impact, and support for your students and self.

Prenatal YTT

As expectant mothers, fear, anxiety, excitement, joy and instability are just some of the emotions that can arise daily. During our Prenatal YTT, students learn to support mothers-to-be on their journey both physically and emotionally, all while creating a safe nurturing space of community.


Stillness does not always come easily to us. The practice of Yin encourages us to find our edges, to be still on uncomfortably, and to just be with ourselvs.

200hr YTT– Always At Aum

Going through a teacher training is a life changing experience, whether you decide to teach or just deepen your knowledge of yoga, it is an experience that will forever change you. This is opportunity to build a self-affirming and fulfilling career as a yoga instructor, to bring yoga’s peace and foundation into your life, as well as the lives of those around you.

200hr YTT– My Live Well Group

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