Lemon Balm Tincture

Have you been interested in other ways to help with your health but you don’t know where to start? Well you’re not alone. Most people living in American struggle with some type of health concern. A lot of people turn to tradition Western medicine for answers and most people are not satisfied with the results.

Lets take a look into why this is.

Western medicine is designed to treat a symptom. You come in with a stomachache the doctor gives you something to make the stomachache pain go way. This is not a treatment of the cause but a treatment of a symptom, or should I say masking of the symptom.

See when your given the stomach pain medication it is not treating the root cause of your stomach pain. Stomach pain is a signal to the body that something is happening. This could be a wide range of things: anxiety, stress, poor gut health, allergies, and so on.

So the medication for the pain will help temporarily relives the pain but the pain will come back once the medication has worn off. There are many plants we can use instead that will not only help the pain but help with the cause too.

See plants have many properties and when used properly you get multiple health benefits from one plant. The benefit of this is the ability to support other cell functions while treating one area.

Lets take a look and my Lemon Balm Tincture:

This tincture is made from the freshly harvested leaves of my Lemon Balm plant. Lemon Balm as a plant has the following properties: aid in reducing high blood pressure, clams palpitations and rapid breathing, aids with cramps, reduce digestive spasms, aids with nausea and indigestion, helps with migraines and fevers, helps with cell regeneration, aids in immunity support, relieves anxiety, and helps to uplift sadness. Lemon Balm is an amazing plant with so many properties so how does this work exactly?

Plants have many properties because they develop many ways of keeping healthy. In a plants life cycle they come across many ailments for the soil, air, sun, and pests, these different interaction allows a plant to develop a way to combat these issues. Some plants have more properties then other because of the nature of the plant. Some plants thrive on getting sick and finding way to adapt while other thieve on having the ability to combat just one of these things.

Lemon Balm is a plant the thrives on adapting and finding new ways to keep itself healthy. For that reason Lemon Balm is an amazing plant and a good plant for humans to use.

Thus taking a tincture made from the Lemon Balm plant and adding it to your daily routine will aid with your overall health. You can use it to target an issue but will also receive benefits from its many other properties.

We can make the conscious decision to dig deeper into our health concerns to find the root cause or we can mask the symptoms. Western medicine is not all bad, but it would be more beneficial if both teams worked together.

You can treat stomach pain with herbs while you dig deeper into the cause. Your health is your most valued asset you have.

Love, Light, and Wellness

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