How to Support Your Body With Season Change

As summer fades and the leaves remind us its healthy to let go and rest its the perfect time to think about supporting your body in this transition.

Not only does the weather change but so does our bodies. We are more connected to nature than we often hear. Our bodies take cues from our surroundings and a major on is the sight of the leaves changing. As the leaves change it tells our bodies that the daylight will be less, temperatures will decrease, and rest will be needed. We may not feel all these things at once but our bodies are beginning preparations for the cold temperatures coming in the new few months.

We can support our bodies in many ways through this transition. Up first is movement. Movement whether it be at the gym, at home, or walking is a great way to support your body. Seeing as I am a yoga instructor, I will focus on yoga for this section.

Waking up and getting some movement in before you start your day during this fall season is a great way to get the blood moving, awaken the metabolism, jump start the thyroid, and feed the brain. This moment does not have to be hours long; even 15 minutes is a great way to accomplish this. Here are some yoga poses I recommend:

Next up is nourishment. Starting off the day will some warm water or tea will help to support your thyroid which helps to regulate your body temperature. Warm water with fresh sliced or graded ginger is one of my favorite ways to support my immune system, gut, and thyroid. Ginger has a lot of supportive nutrients and it taste so good! Herbal teas are an other wonderful way to support your body, the herbs in herbal teas are put in combinations that help support your bodies functions. I personally like teas with echinacea, lavender, elderberries, peppermint, cinnamon, to name a few.

Last is rest! The American Culture lacks rest as part of our daily routines. Especially during this transition time allowing yourself to take sleep just as seriously as work will help support your body is so many ways. Colder temperatures mean that our immune system works even more than normal as germs really thrive is colder weather, thus making our immune systems work even more. When you rest, this gives your body time to properly refuel so it can do the tough job of fighting off germs.

I have heard some words during this time of year that are really misleading, one that comes to mind is boost, take x, y, or z to help boot your immune system. That phrase is not correct, there is absolutely NO way to boost your immune system. You get one immune system and there is no way to kick start or speed it up, you can however support it. Supporting your immune system means you’re supporting your whole body and its natural functions and sleep is one of the best ways to do that.

There are so many ways you can support your body during this transition season, the best thing to do is pick 3 or 4 and stick to them, making too many changes to your daily routine all at once will also be a shock to your body and not helpful. Picking a few items that you can stick to will create much more of an impact then doing to many things at once that you wont stick to.

Fall is a magical time of year with all its colors so take this time to enjoy the changing colors, and began the slower pace of life.

Love, Light, and Wellness to you.

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